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The Company was established in April 2015 as a brain child of few professionals with 10 to 30 years of experience in the domestic courier business and ICT industry. At the inception Prompt Xpress has recruited a team of best performing and passionate personnel in the domestic courier operations covering all the regions of the country. With the vast knowhow backed by ICT innovations, Prompt Xpress is expected to be one of the leading domestic courier service providers within a very short time span.

The Company was incorporated to address the vacuum in the market in providing efficient, trustworthy and customer friendly courier service to Public, Private sector organizations and individuals across the island. Prompt Xpress has an island wide branch network to serve its exclusive clientele.

The company is committed to differentiate itself with its competitors by introducing most customer focused services supported by innovative ICT applications. The company already boasts a state of the art Tracking System has a web based online tracking facility. And planning to introduce mobile hand held devices and mobile tracking applications.

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Prompt Xpress (Pvt) Ltd

No 40, Ferry Road, Borupana, Rathmalana, Sri Lanka

No 40, Ferry Road, Borupana, Rathmalana, Sri Lanka

P V 105168

21st April, 2015

Our Services

  • Pickup and delivery the following day in any part of the island
  • Provision of Mail Bag services to companies that has extensive branch network
  • Provision of stationed couriers /Messengers
  • Same day pickup and delivery of urgent documents and parcels in main towns and cities

Our Strengths

Well experienced and committed management team and the team of staff with extensive experience and knowhow in domestic courier industry.

Backing of innovative ICT solutions including a state of the art Tracking system and plans to implement web based online tracking and many other innovative solutions

Island wide branch network to provide an efficient service